Research & Development

Food Science combined with Culinary Arts creates results for successful implementation and commercialization.

Custom Blending

Consistency, confidentiality, confidence, and care blended together with art and science.

Art and science combined.

food science + culinary arts

Oregon Spice Company has a strong team of R&D Food Technologists. Their tenure contains over 30 years of experience and a wealth of expertise ranging from food science research to formal culinary arts training. Their passion is in using new, innovative concepts to create herb, spice and seasoning blends. These blends are designed to align with the marketing goals, brands and values required by our customers.

One of our core values at Oregon Spice Company is collaboration. This is greatly reflected in our R&D department, as our customers are truly our partners. In addition, our team is fully supported by our entire organization throughout each phase of the commercialization process. Whether it is blend development or duplication, our team will provide our customers with artisanal creativity backed by scientific rigor, which will ensure the success of all.


Blending to Perfection

Oregon Spice Company prides itself on the ability to blend seasonings that remain consistent in flavor, congruent in structure, and suspended evenly throughout. We have blenders with state of the art capabilities. Our blend team consists of long time, experienced employees. They carefully inspect each and every component as it is measured, weighed and placed in our blenders. After metal detection and another careful inspection, product is then packaged according to the needs of our valued partners.