At Oregon Spice Company, Social Responsibility and Sustainability are key components of our culture.  We believe that balancing social, economic and environmental objectives that are beneficial to our customers, employees, suppliers and communities are critical to our success.  Our executive management team is committed to ensuring that these values are shared with and embraced by the entire organization.


As a certified minority owned business, we pride ourselves in supporting the diversity and inclusion of our workforce.  We believe that human beings have universal and natural rights and status regardless of legal jurisdiction.  We ensure that all employees have the best working conditions and are treated with respect and appreciation.  Workplace training programs are designed, implemented, and updated with employee wellbeing and safety as the basis for success.  Supporting a healthy work-life balance is crucial to productivity.  We embrace a company “Bushido” that was created collectively, and is adhered to by all employees.


At Oregon Spice Company, we value our supplier relationships.  It is paramount to Oregon Spice Company that the foods we procure are the freshest, highest quality products available for our customers.  We invest significant time and resources in systems designed to ensure that all products are totally safe for consumption.  As part of this process, we audit our suppliers to make sure they meet stringent, industry-leading GFSI standards in food safety, quality and ethical employment practices.


Community is very important to Oregon Spice Company - we believe in giving back.  Providing support to a variety of charitable and non-profit organizations, is not only an obligation, but rather a privilege for us.  We value all our neighbors’ and partners’ efforts to enable community empowerment and engagement, including those in the Food Industry, Social and Research Sciences, Education, Culture & Arts, Health & Welfare Organizations and National Disaster Relief.



At Oregon Spice Company, we recognize the importance of respecting the environment.  We continually seek out ways of improving our current programs, which include PGE Renewable Power, City of Portland Recycling Program, Energy Efficiency and Waste Management.  We are committed and determined to make a difference in the world through our concerted efforts towards sustainable development.